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Product Safety

At Barker Specialty Company, we take product safety very seriously. The issue of product safety in the promotional advertising area is a matter of concern for all marketing personnel, purchasing managers, event coordinators and advertising agencies. We want everyone to know that we are taking a proactive stance on this matter and would like you to know how we are handling this sensitive issue and educating our customers:
  • Our dedicated Product Safety Team is always available to answer any questions our clients may have and provide them with the necessary information they need
  • We are one of the first USA promotional products companies to have a 'Product Safety Compliance Director'
  • We strive to work with manufacturers who have taken the necessary steps to assure they are complaint
  • Our sales staff participates in ongoing education and training to keep them current on all safety issues
  • We have a commitment to inform and explain issues to our clients
Barker Specialty believes that the renewed interest and awareness of product safety issues is positive and will be beneficial to all of us. Please contact our Product Safety Team with any questions.

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