2020 CSR All-Stars: Jessica Defilpo, Barker Specialty Company

July 22, 2020
Jessica Defilpo

Account Coordinator
Barker Specialty, Cheshire, Conn.

It is such a pleasure to work with Jess and she is well deserving of this recognition. In the two years she has been with Barker Specialty, she has become a valuable asset to our team and someone we can rely on. I never have to worry about orders and requests as I know they will be handled correctly, professionally and quickly. I’m proud to have Jess on my team. – Tracy Howson, Account Executive

It’s every company’s nightmare: Production hiccups, shipment delays and low stock supplies threaten to jeopardize the customer experience. Sometimes, there is no way around it, but thanks to ready and able employees like Jessica Defilpo, there are ways to correct it. The account coordinator for Barker Specialty Company recalled an incident where a decorator did not receive the correct sizes needed to complete an apparel job. While others may throw up their hands, these are the situations where Defilpo thrives. She jumped in and coordinated the details, ensuring the decorator was well-equipped for the task. The deadline was met without her account executive or customer having to worry about a thing.

A described “team player,” Defilpo has been known to arrive at the office early, stay late and even work weekends to ensure appropriate timelines are followed to meet in-hands dates.

With only two years of industry experience behind her, Defilpo is no stranger to customer service, having served at restaurants, worked with clients and their dogs, assisted the elderly and even driven school buses, to name some examples. Prior to joining the world of promo, she was a senior bilingual customer service representative for a company that sold event tickets. During her time in that role, she promoted company-sponsored events, particularly UConn games—an experience she credits with giving her insight on branding and promoting, and how they relate to specific events.

“When I heard about the position being available in Barker Specialty, I was genuinely excited, and once I was hired, I was eager to get my feet planted in the industry,” said Defilpo, who works directly with five account executives, each with approximately 100 to 200 clients of their own.

Her Approach to Customer Service:   My approach to customer service is being the one behind the scene making sure it all works out in the end—whether it’s catching a problem before it becomes an avalanche or making last-minute changes per our client’s request. Each day is different, and it’s hard to know what your workload will be like, but that’s what makes it exciting—the challenge. It’s handling each case as a puzzle piece, making sure it goes where it needs to go to complete the bigger picture, even if I may not even know what the picture is exactly! My ultimate goal is to make sure our customers are satisfied with what they ordered and that it meets their expectations. Sure, anyone else can do this job, but I take pride in handling all aspects of the field, especially the tough knots I have to untangle sometimes.

How She Keeps Calm and Stays Inspired:   As silly as it may seem, sometimes I just pause, take a deep breath in and sigh it out. My supervisor chuckled once when she heard me do a few of those throughout the day. She knew I was having a tough moment, but realized that it was my way of working it out. I also try to reorganize my work area daily, from the sticky notes on my desk, to my emails, and to-do lists. Though they always seem to pile up, every cross off or check mark is one accomplishment achieved—and one less headache.

How COVID-19 Has Changed Her Job:   The amount that I communicate to my account executives, fellow account coordinators and clients seems to have increased since the COVID-19 outbreak. Now that we don’t cross paths in the office, I make it a point to reach out to each of my teammates as much as I can. My workdays are also much shorter with reduced hours, yet all the orders I work on are still monitored by my colleague when I’m not on and vice-versa. Though COVID provided another challenge on top of a tense job, it definitely taught me, again, the importance of reaching out for help and working as a team to make sure things get done.

Why She Loves Her Job and the Industry:   I love the ability to be creative, even in the position that I’m in. Though I process orders and follow up on them, I am able to provide input on how the decoration on a product looks. One recent example was an order of tumblers the customer brought to our company. They were engraved with a wedding date, but she had to reschedule due to COVID-19. The plan was to cross off the date and add the new one below. When the proof came in, it was just an “X” on top of the date. I suggested crossing off the date with an arrow to make it look cleaner and the customer agreed with the concept. Though it wasn’t a mind-blowing experience, the fact that my advice was considered made me happy to be a part of the project.

Her Proudest Career Achievement:   The proudest moment I had was delivering an order to a client. They had ordered and received a plaque with pieces that did not line up. The plaque was needed that same day since they were mounting it on the wall for an event the following day. Rather than trying to coordinate with my account executive on what to do and how to retrieve the plaque to fix it, I went and met up with the client, grabbed the plaque and brought it back to Barker to have it fixed by our awards department. I then drove back out to meet with the client and hand them the plaque. They were happy with how quickly the situation was resolved. The team that I worked with at the time was thrilled that I took initiative, as it was such a time-sensitive case.

Her Best Advice:   Be clear when it comes to communicating with your customers and team since it will lead to direct responses, cleaner orders and less troubles down the road. When you, your team and customers are all on the same page, it provides a greater chance of success. That being said, the customer will more likely return and, therefore, your business with them will increase. It goes full circle, but starts with exceptional customer service. Also, it never hurts to ask for help when needed. As much as you can do most things on your own, you still have quite a bit to learn from others in a field that is so large, diverse and ever- changing.

What She Does for Fun:   I love exploring new places, especially spots with waterfalls. There’s just something about going on a trail and hearing the rumble of the falls as you get closer. I would have never known there were so many places in Connecticut, as well as the surrounding states that have these hidden gems. Nowadays, I have been working on crafting more, mostly preparing for my wedding. The whole process has been rather interesting during these times, but just like I do with work, I take a deep breath in and a long exhale out!

2020 Women in Print and Promo: Karen Rivkin, Barker Specialty Company

May 20, 2020
Karen Rivkin

Director of Program Fulfillment
Barker Specialty, Cheshire, Conn.

Throughout the promo industry, Karen Rivkin is known for her “unstoppable energy and calm demeanor, especially during a difficult time,” her nominator shared. With companies abruptly forced to pivot strategy during the current COVID-19 outbreak, they would fare well with Rivkin on their team.

Like others in her age group, Rivkin had to deal with professional disruption straight out of college. Armed with a marketing degree, the 2002 Central Connecticut State University graduate was excited to put her skills to use. But the job market transformed after 9/11. Positions were scarce and bills needed to be paid, so Rivkin jumped at an opportunity in the retail sector. A year later, she realized it was not a good fit and was fortunate to find work in her hometown at promotional products distributor Barker Specialty Company.

Rivkin quickly acclimated herself to this world of marketing, starting out on the fulfillment team, where she processed e-commerce orders, provided customer service and restocked merchandise. After proving herself and her commitment to the company, she was asked to lead the department.

“It wasn’t until I was really in that role that I started getting into sales,” Rivkin said. “I had obtained industry knowledge, a comfort in dealing with customers and confidence in myself to know that the sales role was something I could do.”

Her current role is split between managing the program fulfillment team and sales—the latter of which she generated more than $1 million for. Rivkin enjoys working closely with her 10 direct reports in managing inventory, websites, product selection and customer service. The sales side, she said, provides a nice balance that allows her to build relationships with clients while using her marketing background to develop creative ideas that promote their brands.

What Brings Her Joy Professionally and Personally:   I love getting feedback from a customer after they receive an order and share with me the outcome of the event. It is satisfying and rewarding to hear how sometimes a “simple” item can really make an impact on a person or event. In life, overall, seeing people laugh or smile brings me joy. I love exercising and also curling up on the couch to read a book. I am a proud dog mom, and, most importantly, the love and happiness of my family and friends bring me the greatest joy in life.

Her Proudest Career Achievement:   Personally, I am most proud of earning the position to lead my team. I learned long ago that you don’t need to be a loud and outgoing person to lead. Professionally, I am most proud of reaching the Million Dollar Club. I think I am often overlooked at being a successful salesperson since I am shy and reserved. However, I enjoy quietly building relationships with my clients, getting to know them and the way they think, and using the industry knowledge I have obtained to creatively and effectively suggest the print and promo products to best display or portray their message.

On Working in a Traditionally Male-Dominated Industry:   While the industry is male-dominated, I am so fortunate to work for a company that has had, and continues to employ, a strong group of women who have paved the way for me and others to follow. It is only natural to struggle and face challenges when you are outside of your comfort zone. Learning as much as you can about the industry and trusting yourself will give you the confidence to sell just as well (if not better) than your male counterpart. I think that cultivating friendships and finding mentors within the industry is important to our success.

Her Job Advice to Women:   Learn. There is so much to learn about this industry and it is constantly changing. Take classes, attend vendor meetings, follow industry leaders on social media, read industry magazines–there are many tools to take advantage of and learn from. Be confident. Believe in yourself and your ability to express all that you have learned through your own creative avenues. Have fun. Look at what we sell. The selection of promotional products and print capabilities makes this career field stand out on its own.

Her Favorite Leader:   My father is my favorite leader for more reasons than I can share. He is someone that I looked up to until the day he left this world. He taught not only his children but everyone who had the honor of knowing him the value of honesty, confidence, a positive attitude, sense of humor and commitment. Both in and out of the workplace, he was empathetic and passionate to all. He listened, he taught, he encouraged and he fought. He earned respect by being true to himself and providing guidance in all aspects of life. In my eyes, my father possessed every quality that makes up an inspiring and successful leader, and so much more.

Her Upcoming Goals:   I’d love to hit a million [in sales] again this year, but COVID-19 is trying to interfere. I do, however, like a good challenge and will look toward a brighter second half of the year. Personally, I would like to complete my second half marathon and reach my reading goal (quarantine is helping with that).

How She Maintains a Work/Life Balance:   One of the things I enjoy most about this industry is the pace. COVID-19 has certainly changed our daily lives and [has] forced us to slow down in many aspects. Like many of us, I have formed a new work/life balance while working from home. I am still committed to getting up and working out before the workday starts and I have also formed a habit of practicing yoga during lunch. The workday is filled with fielding questions trying to figure out which suppliers are open, who has stock, updated production times, etc. It has been a challenge, but knowing we are all in this together is comforting. I think that keeping busy with the business we are fortunate to have and doing video chats with coworkers is helping to maintain some normalcy to our days. My day ends on the couch just like it used to, binging Hulu with my husband and cuddling with the pups.

Barker Specialty Update

March 13, 2020

Barker Specialty (BSC) has taken a serious interest in the coronavirus and its potential health implications as well as the potential for supply chain disruptions. The health and safety of our employees, vendor partners and our customer base is our number one priority as such, we will follow the guidelines that the CDC, state health departments and other appropriate agencies provide us. At this point, that means we are all focused on enforcing our Social Distancing protocols as well as identifying supply chain disruptions along with our counter measures.

Social Distance:
In order to minimize transmission from person to person, BSC’s Emergency Plan includes social distancing provisions, some of which are currently in effect and will be augmented per CDC, WHO, along with Local & Federal Government mandates. Social distancing is designed to limit the spread of a disease by reducing the opportunities for close contact between people. We are accomplishing this through the strategic implementation of one or more of the following protocol/s:

  • reducing face-to-face exposure by using conference calls and video conferencing;
  • avoiding unnecessary domestic & international travel;
  • canceling meetings, workshops, training sessions and scheduled events;
  • employees to work from home and/or establishing flexible work hours to reduce exposure in the workplace;
  • installing protective barriers between work stations or increasing space between workers;
  • reinforcing hand washing and requiring the use of protective equipment such as hand sanitizers, positioned throughout BSC and masks (if deemed effective);
  • scheduling employees in shifts;
  • providing laptops to any essential staff that doesn’t have at home connectivity;
  • increasing the frequency of our office cleaning staff with particular attention to common surface area sterilization;
  • controlling access to buildings; and
  • requiring asymptomatic individuals traveling to affected countries/areas not to return to work until one incubation period has passed after returning home.

Supply Chain Distance:
As a number of our products are sourced from China, we wanted to alleviate any concerns of the potential risk of catching the virus from products imported from China. According to the CDC, coronaviruses are generally thought to be spread most often by respiratory droplets. There is poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces; according to the CDC, there is “likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures”. Furthermore, the CDC notes that “currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with imported goods and there have not been any cases of COVID-19 in the United States associated with imported good”. It is unlikely that any health care expert will declare that it is “impossible” to get the virus from products imported from China. However, it is believed that this type of virus only last a few hours at ambient temperatures. Therefore, consistent with previous guidance from the CDC, the transmission risk is described as “extremely low” –especially given the extended transit time for most products from China.

Barker Specialty has long maintained a diverse supply chain management strategy with products sourced from China, USA, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, and many other countries. While there are some products that are produced exclusively in China, we are confident that we will be able to meet our product commitments to our customers by utilizing an alternative avenue within our supply chain. Of importance, prior to the current coronavirus outbreak, BSC had transitioned towards a more sustainable purchasing model with emphasis on products made in the U.S.A. We have found that sourcing domestically, affords ourselves and our customers the assurance that our collective promotional dollars are recycling through our economy and creating more jobs for Americans. At the present time, we estimate approximately 35% from USA, 30% from China, and 35% from other countries.

Fields and Fishman Earn Top Industry Professional Certifications

March 03, 2020
Amy Fields & Chelsea Fishman - CAS

Amy Fields and Chelsea Fishman, of Barker Specialty, earned the certification of CAS administered by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI;, the largest international not-for-profit association for more than 15,000 members of the $21-plus billion promotional products industry.

The Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS), are the promotional products industry's premier professional designations. Individuals with a PPAI Certification are industry leaders—those who have attained a higher standard of professional competence, knowledge and experience. PPAI industry certification is acquired through a combination of: required certification classes, demonstrated years of employment in the industry, education, industry contributions and a successful demonstration of expertise. Certification is maintained through continuing education to ensure current knowledge and leading-edge professional skills.

The Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) Certification requires 75 hours from a structured industry approved curriculum, a minimum three years of experience in the promotional products industry and a passing score on the CAS Certification exam. The rigorous curriculum required includes an overview of the promotional products industry, promotional programs, best practices/ supplier-distributor relations, advertising and marketing overview, product safety basics and business ethics. Upon completion of the core curriculum, individuals then can structure their own course schedules to deliver the greatest relevance and value for their careers.

“I am very proud of all of the accomplishments of our terrific marketing team of Amy Fields and Chelsea Fishman…. receiving their CAS certification is another example of their dedication,” noted Gerry Barker, President of Barker Specialty.

“We were eager to expand our knowledge so we can help position Barker Specialty as a leader in promotional marketing. Earning this certification is a proud moment for us,” said Amy Fields.

“Achieving our certification has empowered us to challenge ourselves and further our dedication to our careers in this industry. We’re excited to continue pursuing all opportunities this industry has to offer,” said Chelsea Fishman.

Steve Kliamenakis Achieves MVP Status With CFHLA

March 02, 2020
Steve Kliamenakis

In March 2020, Steve Kliamenakis of Barker Specialty achieved MVP status with CFHLA. Over the past several years Steve has been an active and valued member of the foundation.

Annually, the CFHLA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity, conducts fundraising to support Hospitality Scholarships and Grants for Central Florida area students and schools.

Each year CFHLA awards approximately $200,000 in scholarships and grants. Individuals, like Steve, are asked to secured over $1,500 in auction items or monetary contributions for the 2020 CFHLA Gives Program.

Barker Specialty is proud of Steve and his continued involvement and support of CFHLA!

2020 Under 40: Chelsea Fishman, Barker Specialty

February 20, 2020
Chelsea Fishman

Account Executive and Senior Marketing Manager
Barker Specialty, Cheshire, Conn.

In just three short years, Chelsea Fishman has already accomplished one of the most difficult goals in the promo business: exceeding $1 million in annual sales. At the same time, this popular team member has been instrumental in co-handling internal and external marketing initiatives for promotional products distributor Barker Specialty Company. But the promo world almost missed out on this person, who her nominator describes as “indefatigable.” Right out of college, Fishman worked in the nonprofit sector, providing marketing and advertising expertise to a performing arts theater. But she craved something more to put her talents into. At the suggestion of her mother-in-law, she turned to promotional products. “I learned what the industry was about, and fell in love with the fast-paced environment and ever-changing clientele,” Fishman said of her employment with a small distributorship. Barker later hired her as an account manager, and she has since earned a few promotions. Today, Fishman deals with a variety of clients ranging from local, small businesses to national accounts, collaborating on new product ideas, creating mock-ups and sending spec samples to help in the buying process. On the marketing side, she updates the company web pages, supports internal recognition initiatives, grows the business’ social media presence, facilitates new client and referral programs, and more.

Why she loves her job: My favorite part of my job is getting to know my clients and feeling like a true part of their team. I greatly value being depended on and love nothing more than when a product truly resonates with the client and they are thrilled with the end results. My other favorite part is the creative aspect of brainstorming unique ways to achieve a client’s desired goals. When a client comes to me and says, “Tell me what you got in this price range, for this type of an event,” my head starts spinning with ideas!

Age roadblocks and advantages: The biggest challenge with my age is that while I am well versed in this industry, I service a lot of clients who are older and see me as a “young kid.” Once I explain logistics of concepts and ideas, I tend to earn my credibility by showing how I can save them time and money. The biggest advantage of my age is that I still have a lot of time to continue to perfect my skills, grow accounts and pursue further certifications in the industry.

Her biggest career influence: Our president Gerry Barker has been an invaluable mentor and supporter from day one. He takes the time to work through complex projects, encourages education and growth and is open and receptive to new ideas on how to continue to position Barker Specialty as a leader in the industry.

Her most meaningful business accomplishment: I focus on the order itself, making sure the product is of good quality, and [the] branding is accurate and [the] details of the order stay on track, from start to finish. Taking a step back to see the overall picture at the end of the year and realizing how much I’ve done is really astonishing.

Her differentiating factor: I take a more in-depth approach to working with my clients beyond a transactional partnership. For example, once a client told me they’d be out of the office for their upcoming wedding. Upon learning this, I sent them a branded cake serving set as a wedding gift. They were so surprised and appreciative of the thoughtful gesture. I also make sure to consistently send “thinking of you” virtuals to clients. I’ve also been known to send spec samples to clients without notice. I’ll include a short note explaining why they are getting the item and how it could be used for future needs. Each of these touch points keeps me top of mind and their go-to when promotional product needs arise.

What she hopes to accomplish in the next year: This year, I plan to earn my MAS certification with PPAI. I plan to continue growing my education in the industry so I can better educate myself and my clients, and share valuable information within my company. I am currently our custom packaging specialist at Barker Specialty and I strive to be the best resource I can for my colleagues. Additionally, I am focused on furthering our marketing initiatives and getting our best practices in sync.

Why she believes the future is bright: There is no doubt in my mind the print and promo industry will thrive in the next five years (and for many years to follow). People love to receive promotional products. A [recent] study from PPAI said 99 percent of people go out of their way to get a promotional product. There are many more facts that further prove the power of promotional products is just as strong as ever. Print continues to evolve as well. The abilities to use unique printing techniques and materials, print variable data and use geo mapping keeps print modern and trendy. After all, who can resist that soft touch paper on a flyer or business card?

How the industry can better recruit young talent: I don’t think enough people know this industry exists. I didn’t! When I was just out of college applying for jobs, I don’t recall any listings in the promotional products industry. I think that our industry needs to approach colleges and engage with students majoring in relevant career fields. These are the future leaders that will help propel this industry forward.

What she does for fun: In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our 17-year-old Shih Tzu and 1-year-old Labradoodle. We are working on training our Labradoodle in advanced commands and tricks. One day it would be our dream to be able to train him to be a therapy dog visiting nursing homes and spreading cheer to those who need it.

Barker Specialty Receives Highly Distinguished Industry Award

February 17, 2020
Award Presentation

On February 5, 2020, Barker Specialty won the PPAI Pyramid Award which honors creative excellence in the promotional products industry. The PPAI Pyramid for Technology recognizes members who develop creative and effective websites, mobile apps, video content, social media campaigns and blogs. Each winning entry demonstrates the effective use of images, content relevance to the intended audience, ease of use and creative delivery.

IT-Marketing Team

“Barker Specialty is very excited to be recognized as the Distributor Technology leader in the promotional products field. This is a testament to our incredible and industrious IT staff,” commented Gerry Barker.

“In our inaugural year in the Marketing Department, our first goal was to overhaul our company website. We were in need of a dynamic and engaging functional website and our partnership with our IT Department brought this to life! Our IT Department is truly an immeasurable asset to Barker Specialty,” said Amy Fields, Director of Marketing at Barker Specialty.

Barker Specialty Receives Industry Accolades at Annual SAAGNY Awards Dinner

December 12, 2019
Distributor of the Year

Barker Specialty Company (BSC) is excited to be the recipient of two awards at the Annual SAAGNY Awards Dinner on December 11th. Barker Specialty was chosen as the Distributor of the Year and our own Alex D. Bowen, Account Manager at BSC, was given the Rising Star award. SAAGNY is a regional association for professionals in the promotional products industry covering Greater New York.

Alex Bowen

Alex D. Bowen was selected not only for his continued growth in sales, but his commitment to BSC and his philanthropy work. Bowen has responsibility of coordinating BSC’s nationally recognized end-user show. Bowen is also head of our B.E.A.T program – Barker Employee Appreciation Team, where he coordinates and plans monthly events to assure that all employees are engaged and valued. Outside of BSC, he is active in the Hartford’s Gay Men’s Choir and a number of organizations concerned with protecting the rights and health of those in the LGBTQ community.

“It is an honor for Barker Specialty and Alex Bowen to be recognized at SAAGNY’s Award Dinner. We are very proud of Alex for his award and are grateful to all of our customers and employees at BSC who play integral roles in making us the Distributor of the Year,” said Gerry Barker, President of BSC.

Barker Specialty Ending the Year Strong with Five New Hires

October 2, 2019

Barker Specialty Company (BSC) is excited to announce that Judi Mariano has joined the Barker team as the Director of Strategic Initiatives. BSC is also expanding their Production Team with the recent hiring of four additional Production Team Specialists.

Judi Mariano, Director of Strategic Initiatives, bring overs twenty years of promotional marketing experience to BSC. She has managed many programs for high profile brands and will use her vast skill set to expand our customer merchandising programs.

Patricia Mich and Christina Kopcza have joined BSC as Production Team Specialists. Both Patricia and Christina came from customer service backgrounds at Edible Arrangements.

Kimberly Chandler, Production Team Specialist, is a graduate of UCONN and has experience in marketing and event planning.

Amanda Cruz, Production Team Specialist, has previously worked in the insurance and banking industry, as well as customer service and order entry.

“As our sales continue to grow, we are thrilled with the addition of five dynamic employees. As more people understand the power of promotional marketing, Barker Specialty is well positioned for increased growth”, said Gerry Barker, President of Barker Specialty Company.

PPB Magazine Rising Star – Amy Fields

Sept 01, 2019
Amy Fields

Amy Fields from Barker Specialty was named one of the fourteen most watchable young leaders profiled in the Promotional Products Business magazine. Named as a Rising Star, Amy was selected from among 81 individuals who were nominated by their supervisors, co-workers, clients, peers and vendors from across the promotional products industry. Among the qualities that propelled Amy into the spotlight were her accomplishments on and off the job, coupled with demonstrated leadership potential through involvement in the industry and in her communities.

When asked why Amy is a Rising Star, President Gerry Barker said “Fields joined the company three years ago as an account executive; this year her sales will exceed $1 million. She took on the additional marketing role last year and transformed the company’s marketing both internally and externally. She also redesigned the website, implemented a referral program and initiated an internal employee recognition campaign. She represents the company as a principal in the Premier Group and is involved in the local Chamber of Commerce and in the group Abilities Without Boundaries.”.

Barker Specialty Gives to The Cheshire Community Food Pantry

July 29, 2019

As a family business rooted in Cheshire, CT, Barker Specialty was inspired by the opportunity to help support The Cheshire Community Food Pantry when they announced the great need for non-perishable foods. During summer months children are home from school, placing a larger weight on families to supply meals, in turn nearly depleting the pantry’s stock. Barker Specialty not only understands the importance of supporting local businesses, but doing what we can to help our neighbors and friends whenever we can. Food Drive

In the spirit of friendly competition, we split into four groups, assigned by birth month to combine people from different departments who may not interact with one another on a daily basis. The four groups were challenged to see which team could collect the most amount of non-perishable goods for the pantry. Over the course of two weeks the teams brought in food and put them in their designated boxes. The boxes were located in our main showroom, so staff and visitors alike would see the efforts made to collect non-perishables, with the goal to continue to inspire more people to dontate. It was a great way to start the day by seeing the growing piles of peanut butter, pastas, canned vegetables, fruit cups and so much more.

Food Drive Within two weeks we tallied the amount of items and counted 1,200! The pantry was thrilled to be able to collect these items and refill their shelves with an abundance of food varieties for families to enjoy.

It was truly rewarding to see what we can do as a company when we all pulled together for a meaningful purpose!

NEPPA MVP Spotlight: Gerry Barker, Barker Specialty Company

June 25, 2019
The Beacon / New England Promotional Products Association / June 2019 Newsletter
Gerry Barker

What is your title/role at Barker Specialty? My title is "President". My role is helping others succeed.

What do you like best about your company? I really enjoy our diverse group of employees and respect their commitment to customer satisfaction.

What is new & upcoming with your company? At Barker Specialty Company we are continuously reinventing ourselves - in addition to onboarding of new employees and our growth of business, we are pushing the print side of the business in response to the large number of print vendors who have ventured into the promotional industry.

Tell us something about you that most people may not know? Before business school, I taught high school for a year in a village in the Samoan Islands. Some villagers had never seen a red headed white man before - some were quite awed and some were quite scared!

If you could choose any profession other than your current one, what would it be? To be a rock star like Dave Andrews!

What is your favorite quote (movie/literary/personal)? "I wish I had all the money in the world, so I could give it all away" - a quote from my mother, Gloria Barker.

What is your passion? My family (Debbi, Alivia, Max, and Harrison) - I cherish every moment we are together!

What drives you? I have a sense of responsibility to a number of people - this includes family, employees, community, clients, and suppliers - I don't want to let anyone down!

Barker Specialty Company Outing to Hartford Yard Goats Game

June 4, 2019

Barker Specialty enjoyed a company outing to Dunkin Donuts Park in Hartford, CT to celebrate and support Pride Night at the Hartford Yard Goats game! Our company strongly values the importance of coming together outside of work hours for fun and meaningful events like this one. And the night certainly did not disappoint!

The Hartford Gay Men’s Chorus sang a beautiful version of the National Anthem and we cheered extra loud for two of our staff members who are part of the chorus, Alex Bowen and Josh Burkhardt. Between innings we were entertained by local youth participating in games on the field and an animated race by the Dunkin Donuts mascots!

The weather was perfect for a ball game, the Yard Goats won and the night was filled with positive messages of inclusion, acceptance and love.

Barker Specialty Announces New Hires & New Roles Coming Into 2019

December 14, 2018
L-R: Jessica Defilpo, Olivia Monroe, Debra Diana, Chelsea Fishman, Amy Fields, Max Barker

Barker Specialty Company (BSC) is pleased to announce the following new hires and new role responsibilities to the following employees:

Amy Fields, a graduate of Central Connecticut State University, will assume the role of Director of Marketing.

Chelsea Fishman, a graduate of the University of Hartford, has been named the Senior Marketing Manager.

Maxwell Barker has been named Account Manager. Maxwell is a graduate of Syracuse University and was previously an Account Executive at Justworks, selling modern HR, payroll and benefits solutions.

Olivia Monroe and Jessica Defilpo were named Production Team Specialists. Monroe, a graduate of Cazenovia College, comes to BSC with experience in customer service. Defilpo, a graduate of South New Hampshire University comes to BSC with a great deal of customer service experience and is fluent in Spanish.

Debra Diana has been hired for the BSC Fulfillment Team. Diana has experience at both private and public companies, as well as the not for profit industry.

“We are thrilled to be hiring and promoting so many employees as we reach the new year. The growth we are experiencing at BSC will help us best serve our loyal customers", said Gerry Barker, President of Barker Specialty Company.

2018 Women in Print and Promo: Ewa Karolina Wlaz, Barker Specialty Company

May 16, 2018
Ewa Wlaz

Ewa Karolina Wlaz
Sales Executive
Barker Specialty Company
Years of Experience: 16

How she got her start: I love visual and performing arts and was a double major in graphic design and theater at Regis College in the Boston area. Upon graduation, I was looking for a career in the graphic design field and dropped off my résumé at Barker Specialty Company. [Company president] Gerry Barker met with me and asked me to give him three months to try out being an admin for him. He promised I would still be able to use my design skills, but that I would see a very different side of business. I developed a new appreciation and love of the industry, and, very soon after, I moved into sales.

Her proudest career achievements: One of the key career achievements I am proud of is having a Fortune 100 client provide us with an evergreen agreement. This agreement means we are the client’s preferred vendor forever as long as we always fulfill their ethical and safety standards, which we, of course, certainly plan on doing. I am also very proud of finishing my MBA along with my husband while working full time and raising two young children.

On working in a traditionally male-dominated industry: Sales roles have predominantly been male dominant, which makes it tough to prove oneself being a woman. Generally speaking, women often have to work harder to be recognized or rewarded, but this paradigm is evolving. It has taken some time, but I do feel perceptions are shifting and people see me not only as a woman, but as a professional salesperson and, more importantly, an equal colleague among many male counterparts whom I greatly respect.

Her job advice to women: Don’t be afraid! Just go for it, be confident, acquire the necessary skills, learn as much as you can from everyone and develop your own unique style. It is always important to have a mentor or someone you can really learn from. This is a fun, energetic and creative business that many women would be thrilled to be a part of.

Her industry mentors: From the beginning of my career I have always looked up to Gerry Barker. I’ve appreciated his advice and his creative solutions to some of the most challenging tasks. He has been an integral part in making me the salesperson I am today. I also always rely on the advice and support of my husband Krys Wlaz, director of IT of PW Power Systems. Krys has always had great advice and a slightly different perspective coming from a drastically different industry.

Her biggest lesson learned: This is a great question as I feel like there is always something to learn every day and with every situation. However, at the end of the day, I think the most important is to always have a positive and caring attitude—with clients, colleagues and suppliers. [Doing so] only brings out the best in people and, in turn, makes you a success.

How she maintains a work/life balance: Having flexibility in the workplace is crucial in maintaining a healthy work/life balance. I am able to care for and spend time with my family, while being connected and aware of what goes on in the office and with my clients at all times. Having great support, both in the office with wonderful sales staff and at home from family, is key.